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Insights On Rehabilitation Therapies At Hamsa Rehab, Chennai

Living With Chronic Pain? Here’s How You Share Your Experience With Loved Ones!

by HAMSA Rehab
October 19, 2020
When you live with pain, you are not the only one who is impacted. Your family and the ones you live with also experience it. As a leading pain management rehab centre, this is one learning we give to all patients.

Anger Only Exacerbates Pain! Learn To Let It Go!

by HAMSA Rehab
October 12, 2020
Distress, frustration, and downright anger are familiar feelings for those who live with chronic pain. In this post, we talk about how anger worsens the pain and how one can let go of it.

Insomnia And Pain Sensitivity- The Unholy Nexus

by HAMSA Rehab
October 5, 2020
A hearty laugh and a good day’s sleep are the only two things in the world one requires to stay healthy. This article is more about the latter: a good day’s sleep.

How To Handle Physical Ailments Within The Confines Of Your Home During A Pandemic

by HAMSA Rehab
September 28, 2020
Medical Challenges In A QuarantineThe ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has taken us all by surprise. It has come as a rude shock to the entire world.

The Adverse And Lifelong Repercussions Of Wrong Sitting Posture

by HAMSA Rehab
September 21, 2020
Back pain is widespread. People get it quite often and for all sorts of reasons. But there are some cases where the pain is a symptom of a severe issue like a damage in the spine.

Can’t Move That Much? Here’s How You Look After Your Well-Being!

by HAMSA Rehab
July 15, 2020
As a physical medicine and rehabilitation centre, we have often emphasized the importance of staying fit. There are myriads of reasons for it.

Rehabilitation – The Frontline Warrior To Fight Covid 19

by HAMSA Rehab
June 30, 2020
The good news is that patients are recovering from hospitals after being admitted due to chronic illnesses or due to COVID positive results. But, in the current situation, health care workers and therapists are finding it difficult to offer physiotherapy or any other forms of therapy to patients.

What Steps Can You Take To Stay Fit?

by HAMSA Rehab
June 23, 2020
As a medical rehabilitation centre in one of the busiest metropolitan cities in India, we see every day the ravages of fast living. The present lifestyle is not conducive to staying fit. That said, there are some steps anyone can take to maintain their well-being. In this short post, a leading spine surgeon in Chennai recommends the best habits to stay fit!
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