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In-Patient Rehab Therapies At Hamsa Rehab, Chennai

When Life Closes A Door, HAMSA Opens It Again!

We Lend a Helping Hand to Revive You From

A Spinal Cord and Critical Brain Injury
Caring for the elderly, following major surgery or trauma
Nontraumatic spinal cord diseases like Multiple sclerosis, Poliomyelitis, Spinal tumors, and other neurological conditions
Extensive post-operative care – Orthopedic or polytrauma patients
Caring for children with congenital neurological disorders
Nontraumatic brain disease – Brain tumors, Cerebral palsy, and other neurological conditions

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Our expert-inpatient therapy focuses on ensuring that you get what you deserve the most.

Embrace Life with Expert Services


Take the first step to run up the boulders of your dreams and goals!

Occupational Therapy

Attain functional independence and enjoy the freedom you deserve!

Other Therapies

Medical Rehabilitation

Tailor-made rehabilitation plans that focus on individual care and complete healing.

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Speech, Language and Swallowing Therapy

Stroke patients take baby steps towards restoring speech and ability to swallow.

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Psychological Therapy

Instill confidence, hope, happiness, and the vigor to live life and aim for the stars!

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Assistive Technology

Exclusive usage of Orthotics and Prosthetics to help you gain independence!

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Wheelchair Training

Overcome the hurdles that curb your movement with wheels that help you attain freedom!

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Community-Based Rehabilitation

Rekindle your social life and gain acceptance in societies thereby enhancing the quality of life

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Gait Training

Balance your life by learning to balance yourself with an indomitable spirit and strength

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Vocational Training

Attain financial freedom by getting educated and trained for a fruitful career

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Pain Management

Erase the woes and pains to experience a painless life that promises hope!

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Spasticity Management

Attain the strength and freedom to move without being chained down by pain.

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Gain control over bladder and bowel movements and learn to care for yourself.

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