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Anger Only Exacerbates Pain! Learn To Let It Go!

Distress, frustration, and downright anger are familiar feelings for those who live with chronic pain. In this post, we talk about how anger worsens the pain and how one can let go of it.

Why does pain make you angry?

The constant ache that keeps you in discomfort is the biggest reason you feel upset all the time. If the pain was caused by events that were out of your control, it worsens the feeling. For example, if you slipped and fell because someone else left the staircase wet. That emotion of “somebody else’s fault” causes anger.

Add to it that pain rehab and treatments are long drawn out processes, it is easy to get frustrated with doctors, physical therapists, and other healthcare providers. The anger and frustration combine, which further snowballs when you cannot perform everyday tasks like house chores and going to work because of the pain. As a consequence, you are angry all the time when you experience ongoing pain.

Does anger make the pain worse?

Yes, studies have demonstrated that anger not only poses an issue when it comes to pain relief but also increases the intensity of it. In many chronic conditions like back pain and pain syndromes, anger intensifies the aches. Moreover, when you are angry:

  • Your physical performance decreases
  • You have a higher disability at work.
  • You do not get proper sleep as the quality is lessened.
  • Your coping habits become poor.

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In addition, your anger also results in less emotional support from your family and friends. As your social connections are hindered with anger, your mood tends to fluctuate further leading to anxiety and depression. In short, pain with anger means you push away the people you love.

How do you let the anger go?

The first step to letting anger go and reducing its effect on pain is to process it. Have an in-depth conversation either with your caretaker or doctor to understand how your pain is impacting your mood and behaviour. Once you gain awareness of whether your pain is affecting how much support other people can provide, you can take further steps.

Become mindful of the changes in your behaviour when anger starts to kick in. Look for signs and deliberately reframe your thoughts away from what causes the anger. Before you react to someone or something, try to find an alternate solution that doesn’t have a grain of anger in it.

What to do when the anger becomes overwhelming?

If you suffer from severe pain that makes anger overwhelming, visit the nearest pain management centre to get help. Outside help is easily found, especially in metropolitan cities like Chennai. There are several clinics in Chennai that can help you manage anger. And when you control your anger, your pain management becomes that much easier and simpler.

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