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HAMSA - Setting Benchmarks in Brain Injury Rehabilitation

At HAMSA, the advanced brain injury rehabilitation centre in Chennai, we aim at helping patients recover from traumatic brain injuries. We help you face new challenges with unflinching hope and consistent progress. Consistency and perfection is what we thrive to attain.

At HAMSA Rehab, we are well-equipped to deal with challenges of all kinds. We are well-trained to understand and handle the patient’s physical and psychological limitations caused by the head injury or spinal cord injury.

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Brain Injury Rehab - Know the Benefits

HAMSA’s holistic brain injury rehabilitation program covers the entire gamut of medical, physical, cognitive and psychological requirements of brain injury patient.
We specialize in dealing with traumatic brain injury and helping you regain life in full vigour!

Expertise That Spells Perfection

At HAMSA, you and your family are always under the special protective care of our TBI rehabilitation program. Be it the inpatient or outpatient brain injury rehabilitation service, we offer you the best professionals in Chennai skilled nursing facility to take care of your needs. We offer holistic care that pushes open the doors to hope and help you perform daily activities with ease.
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Do you have any doubts related to brain injury rehabilitation? We can assist!

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Your Recovery Is Our Treatment Period

The TBI Rehabilitation period depends on the patient, the extent of injury to the brain, age, conscious level at time of admission, medical problems and severity of injury. An initial assessment by our expert team will help to decide the holistic rehab plan.

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Specialized Brain Injury Rehab

At HAMSA, we offer individualized treatment in Chennai that is tailored with an understanding of the diagnosis, prognosis, and the extent of the head injury. We also take into consideration the patient’s mental and emotional state of mind, their resources, living environment, and the community in which he/she lives. In short, the brain injury program at HAMSA leave no stone unturned to ensure you get the best treatment!

Treatment At Par With Excellence

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Individualized Treatment
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Consistent Monitoring
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Is complete recovery possible after a traumatic brain injury?

Yes, most injuries will recover unless it is a severe head injury. The extent of recovery from TBI depends on the extent of the damage inflicted on the brain. It can be quick as a few days to months or years in case of severe injury.

Are children eligible for treatment at HAMSA?

Absolutely yes. In fact, in Chennai, Hamsa is the only inpatient rehabilitation provider that functions with a pediatrics brain injury rehabilitation unit.

What is the ultimate goal of rehabilitation?

The ultimate goal of TBI rehabilitation is to improve the patient’s ability to function independently both at home and in the society.

What is the recovery period after a brain injury?

The recovery period varies from person to person. Give us a call or visit us for a detailed examination to determine the recovery period.

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We are open 24/7 and daycare is available from Mondays through Saturdays. To make it more convenient to visit our centre, please give us a call.
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