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Stroke Rehabilitation

Restart Life With Renewed Hope

HAMSA : One-Of -A Kind Stroke Rehabilitation Center in Chennai

A stroke can leave a person with debilitating after effects. Yet, hope is fostered at HAMSA in the form of extensive rehabilitation that focuses on the medical, physical and emotional needs of the patient. As the top-notch rehabilitation centre in Chennai, HAMSA is dedicated to help you acclimatize to the new challenges of life with renewed zest and vigour.

Your Cure Is Our Desire
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Maximum Recovery

A Curing Hand : HAMSA Stroke Rehabilitation Center in Chennai

Recovering from a stroke is a tedious and challenging process. The team of professionals at HAMSA understands it and strive to make your path to recovery easier. Individualized rehabilitation and holistic care in Chennai is the prime feature of our rehab program.

HAMSA’s multidisciplinary rehabilitation programs ensure a smooth transition from a painful recovery to a happy, routine life. At HAMSA, the rehab program extends to the patient’s family too. We help in educating and creating awareness to provide lifelong support.
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We are the first-ever stroke rehabilitation centre in Chennai that offers exclusive stroke rehabilitation services. We provide outstanding services with its team of doctors and specialists who have years of experience in dealing with stroke complications. We aim at helping you see life in a new light and start life afresh with new hope and new dreams.

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Treatments That Rebuild Life

  • Rehabilitation Nursing
    Physical Therapy
    Respiratory Therapy
    Speech Therapy
  • Medical Management
    Neurophysiological Assessment and Therapy

Stroke Rehabilitation Services that Instills Hope

At HAMSA, we adopt a one-day-at-a- time approach that aims at consistent progress. We are there at every single stage -right from helping you learn to sit up on the bed to carrying out your daily activities independently.
Balance training & Strength training
Gait training
Bladder and bowel management and training
Self-care skills
Social interaction
Mobility training
Skin care
Family education
ADL or Activity of Daily Learning
New Day New Hope
At HAMSA, our daily routines are tailor made to suit the patient, because we know that no two patients are the same. Each new day commences with the patient learning to get up and get out of bed. Then the person is encouraged to do morning activities on their own. When it comes to rehabilitation, we know that any progress is big progress.
We strive to help you achieve little victories that become bigger victories later on!


What causes a stroke?

High blood pressure, loss of blood supply to the brain, and bleeding in the brain are the primary reasons behind a stroke.

What are the symptoms of a stroke?

Slurring of speech, drooping of the face on one side, weakness of the arm or leg, dizziness, severe headache and disorientation are the common symptoms of a stroke.

How crucial is medical aid for a stroke?

It is absolutely important to consult a doctor immediately or within one hour of experiencing the symptoms. Every minute after that is crucial.

What should be done to avoid a stroke?

Following a healthy lifestyle and keeping high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus and lifestyle diseases under control are important. Making dietary changes like avoiding foods that are high in salt and fat and including more vegetables and healthy protein will also help.

How long does it take to recover from a stroke?

Recovery differs with every individual, especially with major factors like the impact of injury on the brain, age, underlying chronic conditions, etc playing a crucial role. It can take several weeks to months but generally 3-6 months at least.

Is it possible for the brain to recover fully?

The recovery period varies from person to person. Give us a call or visit us for a detailed examination to determine the recovery period.

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