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Insomnia And Pain Sensitivity- The Unholy Nexus

Insomnia? Pay Heed To This Warning

A hearty laugh and a good day’s sleep are the only two things in the world one requires to stay healthy. This article is more about the latter: a good day’s sleep. Something that should not be taken for granted.

Insomnia, lack of sleep, sleep deprivation-call it whatever you want. This potentially fatal habit of not sleeping enough and giving your vital organs that crucial period of rest is proving to be more disastrous than many chronic diseases. What does less sleep mean for you?

  • Lessened brain activity, thus a compromised cognitive response.
  • Lack of physical and mental alertness.
  • Depression and other mental health problems
  • The quickening of the aging process.
  • Weakened immunity, weight gain.
  • The onset of chronic illnesses like diabetes and hypertension.

More Serious Health Issues

As if the above-mentioned points aren’t enough, studies have shown that Insomnia can lead to increased sensitivity to pain. In simple words, good sleep can shield your body from feeling too much pain.

To prove this point, a Norwegian study that involved insomniacs revealed that they were unable to tolerate pain when asked to put their hands into a bucket of ice-cold water.

The Sleep-Pain Connection

More revelations are being made with a connection to sleep and pain. Researches and studies show that there is a significant decrease in the threshold of pain in persons suffering from Insomnia. To put it in simple words, a mild, bearable headache is likely to manifest itself like an unbearable migraine in a sleep-deprived person. Two crucial aspects that have been revealed are:

  • Increased activity in the somatosensory cortex or the area of the brain that processes sensations and pain. This can lead to an increase in pain sensitivity.
  • Lack of sleep impairs the release of dopamine- the feel-good neurotransmitter that is vital for a good sleep. This affects the brain’s natural response to relieving pain.

Providing solutions through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is proving to be one of the most effective methods to restore sleep patterns in insomniacs. This therapy involves a trained therapist who can talk to the affected person to zero in on the reasons affecting his/her sleep. The next step involves designing strategies to deal with the reasons and eliminate them to restore a proper sleep pattern.

Is Pain Itself Robbing You Of Sleep?

There is another aspect that we have to take into consideration. What if it is chronic pain that is giving a person sleepless nights? If insomnia is the culprit behind increased pain sensitivity, it could also be the reason why pain is keeping people awake.

If that is the case, consistent physiotherapy is an effective solution.

A well-trained physiotherapist can analyze and prescribe alternative positions that can give comfortable sleep without aggravating the pain.

  • Consistent physiotherapy and physical exercise increase physical fitness. This, in turn, can make the person feel good, thus releasing dopamine which is vital for good sleep.
  • Using padding on pressure points can alleviate pain and irritation.

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Looking to get your Insomnia cured? Longing for a good night’s sleep? Do Not Fret! Help is just a call away.

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