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Rehabilitation – The Frontline Warrior To Fight Covid 19

The good news is that patients are recovering from hospitals after being admitted due to chronic illnesses or due to COVID positive results. But, in the current situation, health care workers and therapists are finding it difficult to offer physiotherapy or any other forms of therapy to patients.

Elderly people are staying at home unable to find ways to cope up with age-related difficulties and pain. In this scenario, the only way to manage it is through rehabilitation. Therapy sessions through online consultation can be a major shift in the lives of the elderly who are passing through times like this. This is a safe mode of management as COVID is more active during this time.

Now that people are starting to recover from their symptoms and are waiting to get discharged after undergoing extensive treatments and finishing their quarantine period, returning to regular life would undoubtedly need rehabilitative care. Physiotherapy and rehab sessions will be absolutely essential, especially for the elderly who are either spending long durations undergoing medical treatments or critical surgeries.

“Post-surgical patients, elderly care patients, ICU management patients, those with neuro-related conditions, especially the ones on the ventilator are those with dire need of physiotherapy intervention,” says Mr Franklin, Senior Consultant Physiotherapist. “It makes a considerable difference when rehab sessions start right from the beginning,” he adds.

A stroke patient recounts, “Home physiotherapy along with proper precautionary measures taken during the months of April and May has helped me to improve mobility and regain strength.”This has helped him to perform his daily activities with minimal assistance.

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Mr Franklin, our senior consultant physiotherapist have observed that youngsters who were once strong and fit, have lost their physique during the COVID lockdown period. In such a scenario, opting for physiotherapy fitness training at home by setting up a home gym is recommended. Youngsters can get the advice of a professional therapist and get trained on a regular basis to improve fitness and maintain general health.

After undergoing surgery, patients will require early rehabilitation to regain a normal life. In the present scenario, there are a lot of places which are under complete lockdown. Rehabilitation grants an extra hand in acute care and gets them back on their feet to live a normal life. This can be made possible by directly reaching out to special care with precaution, says Mr.John Samuel, Head of Physiotherapy, HAMSA Brain and Spine Rehab.

Physiotherapy involves various respiratory training methods. Training methods like deep breathing exercise helps not only people affected with COVID but also help others to improve their lung capacity and prevent respiratory infections.

Therapy involves various physical contact procedures. This helps patients to mobilize their body and improve their health. People often prefer therapists to come to their home and provide physical contact procedures, says Mr.John Samuel. This involves taking extra rounds at the healthcare facility or travelling all over the city to aid patients stuck in their homes without proper care.

Bedridden patients are more prone to develop serious complications due to lack of mobility. This can turn out to be a life-threatening case at the later stages. Proper physical therapy helps patients to gain the strength and confidence to fight any disease.

Awareness is vital

After smallpox, this pandemic is the next major battle we need to fight. This fight can be won medically and also through physiotherapy. We are not ready for it, but we can win over by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

During this pandemic attack, depression, fear and anxiety are the biggest challenges we face as we stay locked up inside our home. Almost all the frontline workers managing this pandemic are worried about contracting the virus themselves, and rightfully so.

In spite of all the protective equipment at their disposal – gowns, gloves, masks, and goggles – there is always the possible risk of exposure. Unfortunately, this is the harsh reality most healthcare professionals’ face at the moment. Of course, once a vaccine is found, things will return to normal and it will be a normal routine as usual. But until then, life at the frontlines will be a brisk challenge for those in the line of duty.

Keep safe and follow protective measures during this COVID to live a healthy and happy life.

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