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Helping Hands, Caring Hearts- Volunteers At Hamsa Chennai

Volunteers play an important role in rehabilitation. They help the centre run smoothly, and allow doctors and therapist to spend their time focusing on providing the best healthcare for their patients. Volunteers assist the employees in caring for patients and visitors. There are a variety of opportunities for volunteers, whether you enjoy interacting with patients, performing clerical tasks or assisting with fun events.

What Does a Volunteer Do?

There are many volunteer opportunities at HAMSA. If you decide to donate your time, you will go through an orientation program. Patients come here in a very low mood due to their disease.

Some examples of volunteer tasks include:

Escorting visitors and patients outside

Socialize with patients and/or visitors

Support the family psychologically

Reassure and motivate patients

Transport patients

Clerical duties

Answer telephone

For information regarding volunteering please contact:

Dr G Balamurali,
Managing Director,
HAMSA Medical Services Pvt Ltd,
18 Besant Road,
Chennai – 600014
Mail – [email protected]

Volunteer Benefits

Besides making a meaningful contribution to the rehab centre and the community, there are many other benefits of volunteering. You will meet new people, make new friends, and be exposed to new skills. Active volunteers will also:

Receive orientation and training
Receive a free medical consultation with the doctors
Receive a meal voucher for every four hours of service
Receive free phsyiotherpy and other therapies at reduced cost
Be invited to any events in the centre
Have good reference for employment and/or education programs

Volunteering Requirements

Need reference and ID proof.
Commit to serve on a regular basis for a minimum of 4 weeks
Volunteers must be at least 18 years old or over
Volunteers must participate in an orientation program
Complete an application
Allow a background check
Need reference and ID proof.
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