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Speak Well With Speech Therapy Rehabilitation, Chennai

Speech, Language and Swallowing Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapeutic Services are an integral part of a neuro-rehabilitation set up. A Speech Language Pathologist will work on a full range of cognitive-communication and swallowing disorders across a wide patient population. The aim of Speech-Language Therapy is to help remove/overcome all communicative barriers and improve quality of life of patients.

We screen, assess, diagnose and plan intervention based on the need and requirement of the patient. Patients can be seen in Day-care, Outpatient or Inpatient basis.

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We work to remove any barriers in communication

Services Provided:

After detailed assessment by a qualified Speech Language Pathologist , treatment plans will be tailor made- individualised for each patient based on his/her communicative needs. A single technique or combination of techniques will be implemented in therapy ,along with home-based therapeutic activities. Evidence based therapeutic approaches are used and the care-giver/family will always be involved as a part of the treatment regimen.

Techniques included, but are not limited to the following:
Articulation Drills
Vocal Hygiene and Vocal Function Exercises
Fluency Enhancing therapy
Aphasia/ Language therapy post stroke
Oro-motor Therapeutic Exercises
Thermal Tactile Oral Stimulation
Subsystem based therapy for Motor Speech Disorders
Functional Communication
Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems
Patient and Family education
Home Therapy Plans

Conditions Treated

HAMSA is touted as the best speech therapy centre in Chennai due to the extensive services we offer in helping people to talk, converse and express themselves, be it their opinions or their feelings in the best possible way- through words!
Language Therapies
Cognitive/Linguistic Therapies
Swallowing Therapies
Individuals with any difficulty in verbal communication resulting in reduced understanding of their speech
Cleft Lip/Palate
Misarticulation/ Speech sound disorders
Fluency/ Stammering
Dysarthria/ Slurring of Speech
Dysarthria/ Slurring of Speech
Change of Voice
Vocal Abuse
Vocal Misuse
Vocal Cord Pathologies
Individuals with deficits in understanding / expressing , unable to communicate effectively
Social Communication Disorders
Aphasia/Post Stroke Communication Disorders
Apraxia of Speech
Reading Difficulties
Writing Difficulties
Deaf Mutism
Individuals with deficits resulting in deteriorating communication skills
Cleft Lip/Palate
Traumatic Brain Injury
Neuro-degenerative disorders
Organization/Planning Deficits
Memory Deficits
Vocal Abuse
Individuals who are unable to eat or drink normally, feeding issues
Misarticulation/ Speech sound disorders
Head and Neck Cancer
Post Radiation/Chemo Dysphagia
Post Stroke
Food Aversion
Cranial Nerve Damage
Feeding Tube management
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