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Stroke Diagnosis Done Right

Rehab- A New Lease Of Life

Stroke Rehab The Key To Stroke Diagnosis And Treatment

Stroke, often referred to as “brain attack” happens when the blood vessel that carries the nutrients and oxygen to the brain gets blocked due to sudden ruptures or clots. This causes a depletion in the vital oxygen supply. Consequently, the brain cells die and cripple the functions controlled by the brain. The severity of damage depends on the stroke’s severity and the location of brain injury. Whatever be the stage of severity, for a person to recover and reclaim life, rehabilitation is a blessing and the key to better stroke diagnosis and treatment!

Stroke Rehab Goals
To maximize functional abilities
To perform activities of daily living
To improve the level of independence
To avoid further complications
To rebuild the person’s quality of life
To facilitate the transition back to their home, community and work
How Rehabilitation Help?
Rehabilitation helps you to learn new skills, embrace life and beat the stroke like a real champion. It helps to revive and rebuild the person’s life with special focus on instilling confidence and inspiring the person to believe that there is hope out there.
At HAMSA, we offer stroke survivor rehabilitation that is well-planned, focussed and consistent. Special personalised care is offered to each individual with the help of exclusive therapies and treatments.

Muscles and Joints Management

Spasticity is increased, involuntary, velocity-dependent muscle tone that causes resistance to movement. It is most commonly seen in spinal cord injury, trauma to the brain, or inflammatory conditions. Spasticity is characterized by hyper tonicity, hyperactive stretch reflexes and clonus. Spasticity typically occurs below the level of neurological lesion among people who have upper motor neuron lesions.

Know The Types

Ischemic Strokes– Caused by blood clots in the vessel making it narrow, sometimes completely blocking the blood inflow to the brain. This is the most common type ( 70-80 %) of stroke.
Hemorrhagic Strokes– Caused by the rupture of blood vessels which leads to bleeding within or near the brain. It is less common ( 15 to 20 %) compared to ischemic stroke.

We Are Here for You

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Stroke - Know The Symptoms!

In the case of stroke, the revival of the person depends on whether you act FAST. The stroke diagnosis and treatment have to be done FAST within 3 hours of noticing the initial symptoms.

Is the person’s FACE drooping?
Is the person’s ARM dropping down?
Is the person’s SPEECH getting slurred?
Act on TIME! Seek quick medical attention!

Stroke - Diagnosing It Right

When it comes to stroke diagnosis and treatment, making the right diagnosis at the right time can be crucial. In fact, the right diagnosis has the power to save a precious life! Hence, prompt medical attention is the key factor when it comes to revival after a stroke.
Physical Examination
The pulse, blood pressure, and general body language is examined.
Blood Test
The arteries within the head and neck area which supply blood to the brain is analysed.
CT Scan
Detailed brain images are taken to check for tumor, hemorrhage, stroke, etc.
MRI Scan
Brain tissue damages are detected by injecting a dye within the blood vessels.
Medical History
The symptoms the person experiences now and in the past is scrutinized and evaluated.
Rehabilitation- Opening Doors To Hope
Rehabilitation is the crucial step that helps a person who has suffered from a stroke to envision a better life after a successful stroke diagnosis and treatment. It helps you claim back the independence you had been craving for and live life the way you like it!
At HAMSA, our experienced therapists work in coordination with the patient’s family to help bring them back to normal life with the assistance of expert treatments and therapies.

Striking The Stroke Like A Pro

HAMSA Rehab leads in front when it comes to stroke diagnosis and treatment. After a detailed diagnosis, the treatment procedures start with immediate effect
Ischemic Stroke Treatment

Tissue Plasminogen Activator (tPA) Injection

A tPA is provided through the arm vein to dissolve the blood clot and restore the blood flow. It is given within the first 3 hours after stroke symptoms are observed.

Endovascular Procedures

This treatment is provided directly inside the blocked blood vessel. It can be in the form of a catheter tPA delivery to the brain, or by using a stent retriever to remove clot.

Hemorrhagic Stroke Treatment

Surgical Treatment

Abnormalities in the blood vessel are repaired with the help of surgeries. It can be in the form of surgical clippings, coilings, surgical AVM removal or stereotactic radiosurgery

Endovascular Procedures

A less invasive treatment procedure used to treat certain kinds of hemorrhagic strokes

Envision A New You

A Strong, Self-dependent Survivor!

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