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Treatment Of Scoliosis In Kids And Adults

Scoliosis is a bone deforming condition that affects the spine, giving the back a sharp curvature. Found mostly among the kids around pre-teen years, causes of this disease are largely unknown. According to the surveys worldwide, it is found that almost 3% of adolescent kids are affected by Scoliosis with a majority of them showing only mild symptoms. But the progressive nature of the disease can worsen the condition making the bone deformities severe as the child grows. Several cases of Scoliosis are known to be severely disabling and painful. Sharp curvature in the spines can considerably reduce the space in the chest, limiting its functionality and also the overall well-being of the patient. Since the causes of Scoliosis are mostly idiopathic, an ideal treatment to prevent the condition is merely impossible. However, the impacts of Scoliosis can be immensely reduced if proper screening is in place. You can gain insights on the various treatments available for children and adults by consulting a spine surgeon in Chennai. They can also give valuable information about spinal cord rehabilitation methods.

Diagnosis and treatment of Scoliosis

Scoliosis patients usually have their spine bones bent by an angle of 10 degrees or more, and the curves sharpen as the child grows. Most of the patients realize the condition only during the onset of puberty when they notice slight bends in the spine. The doctors recommend the parents to wait for some time and observe if the condition worsens. If the angle of curve worsens to the measures 20 degrees and more, the doctors may recommend the patients to wear a back brace to stop the curving progress.
Back brace is an excellent non-surgical method that can prevent further worsening of the curve; but unfortunately, it cannot correct a curve. The children are advised to wear these braces for about 16 to 23 hours a day all through their growing age. Wearing a back brace can help in controlling the spine curves to a great extent, and help to avoid undergoing corrective surgeries.

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Surgical Treatments
Surgeries are recommended for patients who have the spine curves to a measure of 45 degrees and more. These extreme conditions are more likely to worsen and affect the functioning of the lungs severely. At this stage, doctors advise spinal fusion surgery to stop the spine curvatures. Spinal fusion surgery involves fusing the small bones in the spine and making it into a single straight bone. Once the back heals after the surgery, the bones are less likely to grow as the spine would have stopped to grow. This bone graft surgical process extends to about 4 to 8 hours and the recovery time is nearly 2 to 4 weeks after the surgery.

Degenerative Scoliosis in adults

Adults who are diagnosed with degenerative Scoliosis are usually recommended medications and braces to help alleviate pains. Physical therapies, stretches, and exercises can also help the patients to build strength and endure the difficulties in the long run. For the patients who are bothered by acute pains; nerve block injections, or an epidural can provide temporary relief. Surgeries are also available to improve the spinal balances and to correct the alignment.
Recent studies have established the efficacy of yoga poses in Scoliosis patients. According to a study report published in the Global advances in health and medicine, holding yoga poses for a minute or two in a day can significantly reduce the curvature of the spine in Scoliosis patients. An average of 32% reduction in the primary spinal curve was reported among the patients who held yoga poses for 1.5 minutes. Scoliosis Foundation recommends 25 yoga poses that may help patients with Scoliosis in healing their spine curvature.

Surgeries for spine curvature disorders
Following are three different surgical procedures that are primarily used for treating spine curvature disorders.

  • Spinal Instrumentation procedure involves realigning bones of the spines using instruments such as rods, hooks and wires; all while keeping them secured during the fusion procedure.
  • Artificial disc replacement procedures involve replacing degenerated discs in the spine with artificial devices.
  • In a Kyphoplasty surgery, a balloon is inserted inside the spine to straighten and stabilize the affected area. The procedure is immensely helpful in relieving pain.

Be it any surgery, active recuperation during the postoperative days is essential for proper healing. HAMSA Rehab provides excellent post-operative services to patients recovering from spine corrective surgeries.

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