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Know Your Vocal Fingerprint – Tips For Good Vocal Health

All human beings are unique in their own way. We all have our own unique appearances, fingerprints, retinal structures and even DNA. Likewise, we all have our own voice and it identifies us as uniquely as our looks or fingerprints. Although a few people may sound alike, no two voices are the same.

Our voice is our identity. It is also unique because it is one of the few characteristics that change with emotion- when we are excited, nervous or scared, there is an immediate reflection of the same, in our voice.

To produce voice, a multitude of factors work together. It begins in our lungs when the air is exhaled to create an airstream upwards into our windpipe. The air passes up to our larynx, often called the voice box. The voice box consists of two elastic band-like structures called vocal folds which are the primary source of our voice

At the level of the vocal folds, the acoustic signal produced is a slow buzz sound, like the sound produced when our phone vibrates. These vibrations then pass through the tube above the voice box, called the vocal tract. The vocal tract is defined as the passage from our voice box to our lips. The characteristics of the vocal tract, are unique in each individual. When this happens, we move our tongue and lips thereby enabling the production of speech.

In this whole process, the source or our vocal cords are of primary importance. Any damage to these vocal folds can leave us unable to produce voice.

Individuals prone to Voice Disorders


  • Singers
  • Teachers
  • Actors
  • Dramatists
  • Lecturers
  • Salesman
  • Clerks
  • Receptionists
  • Courtroom attorneys
  • Telemarketers

How to maintain good vocal health?


Drink a lot of water: Hydration is important for our voice. The throat tends to become dry if you constantly keep talking without drinking enough water (8-10 glasses a day).

Do not shout: Constant shouting or abuse of voice by yelling/screaming can lead to damage of the Vocal folds.

Balance diet: A balanced diet is important to maintain good health. More importantly, eat at regular intervals.

Don’t strain: if you have a bad throat, its best you rest. Don’t overexert yourself trying to speak

Do not lie down after meals: Lying down after meals can cause acid reflux from the stomach to reach up to the level of our throat. This results in changes in the voice making it sound hoarse.

Exercise: Practising body exercise for a minimum of 30 mins a day will have positive effects on your voice. Practising Yoga and meditation can promote relaxation and enhance your vocal health.

Quit Smoking: Smoking can have detrimental effects on the overall health of the body. Carcinogenic agents can cause various vocal disorders including cancer of the voice box.

Do not drink: Alcohol is a dehydrating agent. Excess alcohol consumption can result in vocal disorders.

Vocal Naps: If you are constantly using your voice, take breaks. Give it adequate rest before you speak again.

At HAMSA Rehab, the leading medical rehabilitation center in Chennai, we have a dedicated and well qualified Speech Therapy specialist and a Language Pathologist who trains individuals with difficulty in speaking of any form. We identify the problem and introduce an appropriate intervention to mitigate disability and promote recovery.

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