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GAIT Training For Effective Rehabilitation At Hamsa Rehab

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Gait Training

Gait training is an important aspect of physiotherapy. Gait or human locomotion is produced by coordinated movements of body segments as a whole. It is the forward progression of the body, based on the reciprocal movements of the legs. A normal human gait requires muscle power in the legs, trunk stability, proprioception, balance and vision. Pathological gait may be due to neurological or orthopaedic causes.

Reasons For Pathological Gait :
Changes in Position
Pain During Movement
Loss of Muscle Power
Skeletal Deformities
Incoordination of Muscles
Increased or Fluctuating Muscle Tone

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Importance of Gait Training

Gait training is important to correct the abnormal patterns during locomotion. It requires a complete assessment of the gait deviation cause based on determinants of gait analysis. Gait training includes

Walker Ambulation
Ambulation with Quadripod
Ambulation with Walking Stick

3 Different Patterns of Crutch Gait

Four – Point Gait

When both the legs of the person are weak.
Pattern : Right crutch – left foot, left crutch-right foot.

Three – Point Gait

When the person can’t bear weight on one leg.
Pattern : Both crutches first. Then the affected

Two – Point Gait

When the person can bear weight from hip to toes.
Pattern : Right foot-left crutch, left foot-right

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