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How to Improve Your Well-Being If You Have Reduced Mobility?

For people who have crossed the age of 50, the virtues of aerobic exercise and running are legion. But these forms of exercise are great only if you have full mobility. But as the best rehab centre in Chennai, we know that a lot of people struggle with moving freely or have limited mobility. In such cases, these exercises are strictly off-limits.

So, how does a person with reduced mobility stay fit? That’s what we discover in this blog. If you have restrictions on your range of movement, these are the exercises you can perform to stay healthy!

  • Perform gentle activities.

A full-out, energetic run may not be on the cards for you, but that doesn’t mean you can engage in gentle activities. Yoga is one such form of exercise. It is moderate enough, and it increases:

  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Coordination

Altogether they reduce the risk of falls and injury. Even people who are confined to a wheelchair can perform upper-body stretches, breathing exercises and yoga to build their core muscles!

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  • Build your strength.

Based on the part of your body that has limited movement, invest in a set of weights that help all other parts. For instance, if you cannot move your arms or shoulder due to an injury, use weights to build your lower-body strength and abdominal muscles.

  • Aqua aerobics is great.

Water has a wonderful quality of buoyancy. Because it naturally supports the weight of your body, it reduces the effort on your joints and muscles. Therefore, anyone with reduced mobility can use aqua aerobics to stay fit. One example is aqua jogging; though any form of water exercise is great to keep healthy, even swimming if possible.

  • Take a walk.

The most underestimated form of exercise is walking. It doesn’t matter if you can walk for just a few meters or even less. The goal should be to walk frequently. Start with two short walks a day. They will keep your muscles active and build your overall fitness. When you are comfortable with short walks, increase the period of time. When you cross that stage, move to a brisk walk.

People with reduced mobility can stay fit with these exercises. The trick is not to push your body beyond a limit. Slowly build up to more vigorous workouts, and it will prevent any further injury. Keep an exercise journal where you note down the accomplishments of the day. It will motivate you to continue your fitness regime daily. Lastly, drink plenty of water!

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