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Practical And Efficient Tips To Avoid Back Pain

There are two basic kinds of pain based on how long they last. When the pain is for a short while, it is acute. It is generally caused when you lift something heavy ,when you fall, or when you meet with an accident. Acute back pain is treated with pain medication and RICE treatment, which is an acronym for (Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation).

The second type of back pain lasts for longer than three months. It is called chronic pain and is caused when a past injury is aggravated. Chronic back pain also happens due to constant stress to one region, spinal stenosis, fibromyalgia, and arthritis. The treatment for long-term back pain includes medication, rest, and physiotherapy.

Avoiding back pain is simple as long as you follow some basic, practical tips.

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Exercises to get rid of back pain:

Any workout that strengthens the back muscles will prevent aches. A typical exercise is cat stretch where you rest on your palms and knees and then stretch the back outwards as much as you can to make a C. Then lower the back as far it goes to form an inverted C. Repeat it a few times.

Another exercise is the head and leg raise. Lie down on your stomach with your hands folded under the chin. Now raise both your legs and your head upwards to stretch the back. Rest them back and then repeat.

Woman doing back pain exercise

One last exercise is the pelvic lift. Lie down on your back, place your heels on a stool while the knees are bent. Now raise your hips off the ground to form a straight table from your knees to your chest. Bring the hips back to the ground and repeat.

Correcting posture to prevent back pain:

A common reason for back pain is the wrong posture. When you sit, use a straight-backed chair and put a cushion on the small of your back. When you stand, don’t slouch.

Even when you sleep, your position should be correct to prevent back pain. The best position is to lie on your sides with knees bent and pulled inwards to your stomach. This stretches the back. In case you prefer to lie on your back at night, always place a small pillow under the lower back where it arches off the bed.

Lift correctly to keep back pain at bay:

When you are picking up a heavy object from the ground, do not curve your back downwards. Bend your knees and then pick it up using your core and thigh strength.

Two last tips to make sure back pain doesn’t occur is to keep your weight within the healthy range. If you have extra pounds, shed them. Lastly, get rid of all high heel shoes and wear footwear that is shock absorbent.

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