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Two-Wheelers And Pain: The Common Ailment In India

It is no surprise that two-wheelers are common in India, given the population. The jam-packed roads of a metropolitan city like Chennai call for a vehicle that is easy to manoeuvre and has fuel efficiency. Bikes and Scooters fit the bill perfectly. Plus, they are cheaper to buy than cars and have a particular style quotient attached to them.

But did you know that the convenience of two-wheelers comes at a high price? The design of bikes and scooters is not aimed to keep the rider comfortable. As a consequence, over time, people develop pain in the neck, shoulders, and back.

Why do 2 wheelers cause pain in the body?

It is the wrong posture. The skeleton, which is a framework of bones supported by the spine, carries a lot of loads every day. Constant lousy posture or the wrong one slowly leads to skeletomuscular ailments. If the posture is not corrected, it reflects as pain, and if left unchecked, it can even cause permanent deformity.

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Let’s take a look at how 2 wheelers promote wrong postures and hence pain.

  • The Neck:

The heaviest part of the body that the skeleton supports is the head. When you add a helmet on to it, the neck is further burdened. When you drive a bike or scooter, you are continually craning the neck to look around and keep a tab on the traffic. This strains your neck. If you talk on a phone while driving a 2-wheeler, that further strains the neck, which leads to recurring pain.

Woman getting neck pain
  • The Shoulders:

The correct posture to hold or carry an object is at chest height and close to the body. This ensures that the weight is distributed equally on both shoulders, back, and hands. The handles of a bike are at the navel, meaning the person has to compensate for holding the 2-wheeler steady. The back of the rider is stretched and curved downwards, which puts pressure on the shoulder.


  • The Back:

The right posture for the back is straight because it distributes the weight of the body equally along the legs, hips, lower back, and upper back. Bikes come with a sunken front seat. Therefore, instead of a straight back, the ride is stooped all the time to hold the handles. If the rider has a bag-pack on their back, they stoop even further. With time, this position causes pain in the back.

How To Take Care Of Body Pain Due To 2 Wheelers?


When left unattended, pain because of two-wheelers can cause frozen shoulders or spondylosis. In such cases, it is recommended to consult a doctor, especially a spine specialist. Based on your issues and history, they may advise rehab therapy, physiotherapy, a better diet, or simple exercises to correct the posture.

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