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Living With Brain Injury During Pandemic

Living With Brain Injury During Pandemic

Importance Of Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centers

Living with a brain injury can be tough. There is much more to do after an acute care treatment or even surgery. It is likely that the patient becomes immobile or partially paralyzed. This is the stage when the patient requires a lot of assistance in their day to day activity. Rehabilitation programs are highly important to get them back to normalcy or at least to a stage where they can do their daily activities independently. Brain injury rehabilitation centers give a complete rehab package for the patient based on the condition. It is a great way to help rehabilitate the patients where you get the expert assistance of doctors from their designated fields.

It is obvious that rehabilitation follows a certain routine so the patient gets accustomed to the treatment process. There is no way the daily routine can be disrupted. It could become stressful for the patients and their condition may relapse. The Coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to a standstill and a lot of us are overwhelmed by the effects of severe lockdown. Normal people are finding it difficult to cope, it will be even tougher for people under brain injury rehabilitation. They are not in a condition to process information or change or even make decisions of their own. Living under lockdown and not able to go about your daily routine can increase stress. The pandemic is a global health crisis and everybody is going through tough times.

Things You Can Do To Be Safe

One important thing that needs to be addressed immediately is to stay safe from contracting the virus. It can complicate things as most patients will be low on immunity. It is that time when falling sick with simple flu can be really worrisome especially if the person has suffered a brain injury. Vigilantly and proactively managing your health and following the new normal is vital for those who have comorbid conditions. It is important because recovery once after contracting the virus can be challenging and could be fatal as well. Fatigue and confusion can lead to dementia and can worsen the underlying condition. Some measures need to be taken to avoid the spread of the virus in patients with comorbidities. These steps can help your body to fight the flu and any other seasonal ailments.

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Check if the patient is vaccinated for all kinds of illnesses that are available. It is never too late to get vaccinated as it reduces the risk of contracting other illnesses by 40 to 60 percent. It is an important preventive measure for those with chronic illnesses. Overall health is of utmost importance. One must listen to the body vitals and care for it. Self-monitor for vital symptoms like cough, fatigue, and fever. As this can help in early detection. Track your water intake, sleep and nutrition can help you keep off from falling sick. Poor nutrition and a high level of physical and emotional stress can bring down the immunity of the body. Follow social distancing norms throughout this Coronavirus virus season. It can protect you from falling sick. If you start showing any symptoms, isolate from others, and seek medical attention immediately. Early treatment can always make a difference. And, don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly and more frequently.

Living Through Difficult Times

Resilience is sometimes not easy but those who have fought life long illnesses know exactly what it means. Brain injured patients must have spent years acclimating to their bodily changes and new normal based on their conditions. Successful rehabilitation can help them adapt to the changes and this can help them get through this phase of the pandemic. Take some time to breathe in the fresh air, soak up the sunshine, and workout. This will help improve the functions of the body and brain.

Listening to music can help improve your mood and boost brain function. Read a good book, watch a nice movie, or a comedy show to laugh your heart out. It can keep us away from stress. Take this opportunity to learn something new or sign up on interactive games. Such activities can increase neuroplasticity in the brain. Use technology to help stay connected with family and friends. This will help avoid complete social isolation and makes you stay connected.

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