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Insights On Rehabilitation Therapies At Hamsa Rehab, Chennai

How To Communicate With An Individual With Aphasia?

by HAMSA Rehab
June 14, 2020
Individuals who survive a stroke may have residual problems in speech, language and communication. This is due to the damage caused in the speech and language areas of the brain. Due to the sustained damage, their access to words/sentences in their brain might be hampered to various levels.

About Aphasia | Communication Disorder After Stroke

by HAMSA Rehab
March 30, 2020
Individuals who survive a stroke usually present with difficulties walking or using their dominant hand, paralysed on one side. This leaves them unable to perform their daily living activities. These difficulties are apparent and notable on observation. However, did you know that 3 million individuals in India have difficulty communicating after a stroke?

Embrace A New Life After Brain Injury

by HAMSA Rehab
March 28, 2020
The human brain is undoubtedly the most complicated organ and it’s still not completely understood. Doesn’t it amaze you sometimes how your brain can store so many thoughts? Remember the sequence of every single thing that you do from the time that you wake up until you go back to bed? Well, it’s certainly the most unique part of the body which keeps all the other parts functioning together in harmony.

A Short But Essential Guide To Brain Stroke

by HAMSA Rehab
March 20, 2020
It is estimated that, in India 1.8 million people are diagnosed with brain stroke symptoms each year. It is safe to say that brain stroke is one of the biggest epidemics of this century. In this article, we discuss what a brain stroke is, why it occurs, and what are the surgical treatments for it.

Physical Activity And The Importance Of It

by HAMSA Rehab
March 7, 2020
If there is one thing in the world that has more pros and rarely any cons, it is physical activity. Physical activity has always been an important topic of discussion. There is no age or gender barrier to physical activity.
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