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Aphasia Club Registration

HAMSA Spine and Brain
Rehabilitation Centre presents
Unraveling Aphasia
“The Aphasia Club”
Not being able to express is not the same
as not having anything to say
Aphasia is a consequence of stroke and it affects the ability of a person to communicate.
Providing Communicative Access to Stroke Survivors
We are dedicated to empowering individuals with aphasia and provide a supportive environment to practice their language and speech skills, amongst others with similar difficulties.
Help them communicate better and be a part of a social support group of their own.
You can work on improving your communication skills, even after years of your stroke.
Registration form

Please fill this form with respect to the stroke survivor / individual with aphasia who will be enrolled as a part of this club. Please understand that filling this form doesn’t ensure a place in the club – we will contact you with detailed information on how the process will go about.

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