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Insights On Rehabilitation Therapies At Hamsa Rehab, Chennai

Therapy Centre for Differently Abled Children

HAMSA Rehab Launches First of Its Kind Therapy Centre for Differently Abled Children

First of its kind advanced technology based therapy center for children with developmental issues

HAMSA Brain and Spine Rehabilitation Centre, announces the launch of first of its kind therapy centre for children with developmental issues. The centre located at OMR, Chennai will provide therapies for children with several neurological conditions and developmental disorders like Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Down Syndrome. 

Therapies provided for children with conditions such as ADHD, requires multi modal approach and the centre will provide gamified therapies with infusion of virtual reality. Through this the children will have better engagement with the therapies and in turn, the parents or caregivers will have better hold on their child. The centre will also have leisure spots and wifi enabled work stations for parents to spend time for themselves while their child undergoes therapy. It is also a place to unwind themselves. “Apart from the therapists, the parents should also be educated on the program as they are the ones who will spend more time with their child. By doing this they will be able to monitor the child’s progress at a closer level.” says Dr G Balamurali, Managing Director-HAMSA Rehab Centre. 

“Early intervention is key for betterment of such conditions in children. Off late, the identification of abnormalities in children is delayed, owing to both partners working and lesser time they have to spend with their children. The centre will aim at addressing such gaps among parents, and will help provide appropriate therapies at much earlier stages,”

Team of very experienced – Technology alone is not important and we need experienced 

Children with multiple disabilities have very unique therapy requirements. HAMSA Rehab for kids is the first of its kind in Chennai which has a multidisciplinary approach with all medical and paramedical specialist under one roof.

There are many stakeholders in the care of Children with multiple disabilities – Parents and family, schools and teachers, special educators and curriculum, doctors and various therapist, like PT, OT, SLP, psychologist, counselors, nutritionist and pediatric nurses. A large team of this is needed as these children have physical, cognitive, behavioral and more complex problems.

The expectation of parents is high and with technological advancements, we want to make therapy ENJOYABLE. So, it attracts children to hold them longer for sessions. We have a lot of equipment and gadgets that are activity based and gamified with AI, VR and motion sensor capture. With these modalities children engage better.

We also want parents and careers to have a good atmosphere to unwind themselves while their kids are having therapy in a safe environment. We have leisure spots like wifi enabled work pods, a café with an amazing sit out and chill.

We have special program for parents who need to understand their kids problems as they are going to spend more time with them. They will also be able to network with others.

With a busy, fast moving, urban lifestyle, the identification of abnormalities in children is delayed. Parents also have less time with their children. One of our key focus will be early intervention programs and we have partnered with hospitals, several   , schools, NGO’s and educational institutions.

More than the pleasant, child friendly atmosphere, modern infrastructure, advanced equipment, team of therapists and Rehab doctors are very experienced and dedicated. We follow National and International protocols and planned therapy programs.

Children are the worlds most valuable resource and it is best hope for the future. Our vision is to give them what they deserve.

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